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Holistic – Therapist Magazine – APR/MAY/JUN 2021

Selenium & CoQ10 for a stronger immune system

The importance of selenium wa s only discovered in 1957 – before then, this trace element was actually considered harmful. However, the exact opposite is true: there are 21 selenoproteins based on this element which are essential for the human body. Selenoproteins are protein compounds with selenium in their active site. They counteract the oxidative stress that damages our cells. Our body’s cells are not only at risk from infections, but also from free radicals: reactive compounds, often containing oxygen, that can massively disrupt cell functions and cause cell death. Our immune system is significantly affected, since the complex immune cells are highly susceptible to radical degradation.
Glutathione peroxidases are very effective at capturing free radicals, but they need selenium to function – four atoms in the active site of each enzyme. Selenium is therefore vital for our body’s cellular defence against free radicals and to build a strong immune system.
Currently, the main focus is on the effect of selenium on SARS-CoV-2. For the virus to ‘latch onto’ a human cell, the spike proteins on the virus surface have to attach to the respective cell. Selenium reacts with…

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